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Meet Kerry & Stephanie aka The Booty Hunters - Metal Detectors!

     While we both have a mutual passion for outdoors and exploring we have found a common thrill in Metal Detecting! 

     Each has been hunting since they were children with parents and grandparents alike as treasure hunters! You could say it's a inherited passion! 

      So, after we'd find items on one famers place, he would know another famers with history on their place, and before long we were off and running, full speed ahead trying to keep up! We pulled so many things out of the ground that were super interesting that we decided, after watching youtube videos ourselves, that we could create our own videos and share what we find as well! So, off we go...

     Kerry quit after working for the Sheriff's Department after 17 years and doing car videos on the side to do this little venture! Stephanie worked as a Desk Top Publisher and then along side a passion for designing/decorating... So both of us have a background working with cameras, layouts and so fourth, so we will see how it goes? Although... It turned in to more of a job now with filming, editing, digging all ourselves, but still fun! It's just a longer process now! lol BUT WE REALLY LOVE IT AND THAT'S WHAT MATTERS!


Come along with us as we travel to different areas learning the history around each property! We will be trying to locate something underground or under water that ties in to that particular time period! All while showing you what each item looked like in its "Glory Days" vs the shape it is in now! Which we think that is the best part, well other than the thrill of the hunt, of course! 

      We try to go to places with a interesting history and then try to legally find something that ties in to that specific era! This exciting journey starts where Kerry and Stephanie first got interested in metal detecting together. 

     We hope you enjoy it enough to  'SUBSCRIBE'  to our YouTube channel and join us on our journeys! 

So... Come on, let's get started!  

The Presidio de San Saba Mission, Menard, Texas

Located in Menard, Texas.

Looking for relics related to the mission thru Metal Detecting & Magnet Fishing in and around the San Saba River. Found an awesome artifact directly linked to the mission itself! Also, This was the first place we, Kerry & Stephanie, actually got in to metal detecting, so we thought it would be fitting to bring you back to our starting point! 

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Do you own land with an interesting amount of History you think would make a good show? We would love to hear about 

FYI ~ Just make sure you actually own the property. (If you lease/rent, it is not legal for us to dig. Sorry!) 

We travel all over the United States. We are located in Aledo, Texas which is about 30 minutes from Fort Worth, Texas! Please Email us if you have ideas or questions. We'd love to hear from you!

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